Tuesday, October 20, 2020

When You Can't Run on the Issues

Via Tengrain, we have the possibility that Trump is trying to duck out of the coming debate, which is supposed to concern foreign policy.  Trump's campaign doesn't seem to consider the pandemic, global warming, or racial injustice to be worthy topics of discussion, because they consider these topics to be hoaxes, by which I mean 'no win' topics.

Trump can't run on the issues, because he's made such a cock-up of everything.  Four years ago, Trump asked African-American voters, "What do you have to lose?"  Four years later, we have answers to that question... 

It's two weeks until the election,  two agonizingly long weeks.  I plan on voting early, for the first time ever (NY only made it an option last year), but the wait is almost unbearable.

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