Friday, October 23, 2020

So NOW They're Into Science?

The GOP has now come out in favor of science, sort of... never mind that these projects aren't feasible without the renewable energy that Trump denigrate (coal fired rockets aren't a thing). More importantly, the general thrust of scientific resources should be directed at ending the pandemic, not this: We'll have time for that after we stop the mass casualty event that's ongoing. I firmly believe that humanity needs to pursue an extraterrestrial destiny, but dire earthly concerns should be current priorities. I'm going to riff on my favorite Gil Scott-Heron poem now... 

 Coronavirus killed my friend, 
But Trumpy's on the Moon.
This goddamn plague will never end, 
But Trumpy's on the Moon. 
Sounds like a science-fiction dream, 
Trumpy on the Moon, 
But I suspect a kickbacks scheme, 
With Trumpy on the Moon.

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