Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Kiss of Death

 As late as, say, July or August, if anybody had told me that the largest single denomination in the United States would turn out to be an interfaith death cult led by Donald Trump, I would not have believed them.  Now, with widespread defiance against mask wearing, and populations as diverse as Hasidim and GOP elites holding superspreader events, it's become pretty clear that an almost cartoonish death cult has taken hold of about a quarter of our population, with COVID Commander at the helm, steering straight into perdition.

The latest manifestation of this murder/suicide pact has arisen organically in Trump's recent superspreader rallies, as Trump expresses a wish to transmit the novel coronavirus in a novel way.

It was odd enough when he made a joke about kissing audience members, while not out of the woods regarding his COVID-19 situation, in Florida on Monday:

He reiterated this joke, or whatever, last night in Pennsylvania:

This repetition of a problematic line was enough to get the attention of professional Trump watchers.  Is it bravado?  Trollery?  Flattery?  Who can even tell with this White House whacko?  Would he follow through if his audience took him up on this offer?  Would they really yearn for the liar's kiss that says 'I love you' but means something else?   Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose voters... would he lose voters if he shot someone in the fifth row?


Richard said...

I'm not a Christian, but Judas comes to mind. It's amazing how that old stuff comes up in times of crisis.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, he'd betray them with a kiss for thirty pieces of silver... no doubt about that.