Tuesday, September 17, 2019

This Salsa is too Spicy for Me

Ugh, it seems like Dancing with the Stars is the go-to show for washed up right-wingers to embarrass themselves on National TV, though this sentiment hits the nail on the head... better to be seen as a clown than a monster. I find Sean Spicer's appearance on the show particularly disgusting, as this spokesman for an administration which is virulently anti-Latin plays the congas and dances in a Latin-inspired fashion. It's a gross example of cultural appropriation- a guy who made excuses for a president who abandoned Puerto Rico coopting a Puerto Rican artform. It's too bad that the late, great Tito Puente isn't around to set his soul afire with a slanderous mambo:

I'm headed out to bar trivia, but I figure I should post an actual Tito Puente song:


Now, THAT is a mambo to set your soul afire, in a good way. Spicy Spicer just gives me heartburn.


Anonymous said...

Hi, sweetheart, remember me?

I miss you and Pups and Bouffant and bbkf. And I always used to report to Major Kong when the strawberries came in.

Well, it is now spring down here and, guess what?, the first strawberries are in the store.So, I am reporting to you because I miss the tradition and you are the only one I have left.

I can see you are still you and busy at the Wildlife reserve or whatever. I hope you are well and not alone and still eating good food. Take care of yourself.

Suezboo XO

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Suezboo, my love! I always enjoyed your posts because they heralded the morning. You are my lark, presaging the sun. I hope the strawberries are delectable.

Do you have a Disqus account? Major Kong is kicking around, usually at LGM. Bouffant is also there and at Crooks and Liars. There’s a fun crowd there and at Wonkette, and everyone would love you as much as I do. Most of us are still posting. Also, you would love Tengrain at Mock Paper Scissors, and I’m sure it would be mutual.

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