Monday, September 9, 2019

Looks Like You Can Drown Your Problems in Alcohol After All

The conventional wisdom states that it's not a good idea to try to solve your problems with alcohol, but the conventional wisdom is wrong, if your problem is a rat infestation. The latest attempt to wage war on the unwanted four-footed population of New York City is a trap which drowns rats in an alcohol solution. I was immediately reminded of an old joke about a man who drowns in a vat of Guinness, but while looking for it, I found a darker rendition

I don't know if the rats suffer much while they are drowning in booze, but it seems like an epic way to go, a surefire passage into Fratboy Valhalla. Oddly enough, the one song about dying from overindulgence that I know best is by a Detroit girl group, The Pleasure Seekers. which was anchored by the Quattrocchi sisters, including 70s rocker Suzi Quatro:

What a way to die, indeed... I hope those authorities have chosen a libation that pairs well with pizza.

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