Sunday, September 1, 2019

Big Bug Summer Gets Noisy

My last two posts were a bit of a downer, so as Tengrain would put it, a palate cleanser is in order. In a continuation of Big Bug Summer, here's my latest encounter, with a finger-long singer of songs:

Obviously, this pretty green critter is a katydid, but I can't determine which of our native New York katydids it is. The real beauty of these insects is that they take over the night-singing duties when the amphibians, their love songs sung, go silent for the year (unless you startle them, whereupon they leap to safety with a comical squeak). The chorus remains, as romantic as it's been all summer, it's just the singers who change.

This isn't my first katydid post, these leaf-mimicking insects are spectacular, if you can find them... I just got lucky because of yet another case of camouflage fail.


Kdus232425 said...

Greatest post!

Li'l Innocent said...

What a beauty, thanks for the pic!
I keep a small water bowl outside the kitchen door for our indoor/outdoor cat, and it's my privilege to rescue the occasional early-instar cricket or katydid from the surface of the water -- tiny, perfect versions of their selves-to-be. A full grown katydid is a work of art.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

They sure are gorgeous, and their song is a lovely soundtrack to a late summer night.

Anonymous said...

Beutiful creation!

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