Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Ray Davies Would Approve

My upstairs neighbor decided to squeeze one more eventful summer day in before the kids go back to school on Thursday, one last trip to the beach before the typical daily routine resumed. She sent me a text from the beach, asking me if I could let the dog out around 11AM so he could do his dogly deed outside. I like the little fella, so I was more than happy to spend some time with him. Today, he wasn't interested in wreaking havoc on a hapless ball:

He soon found a nice, sunny spot to lie on, and no soccer ball could tempt him from this spot:

Ray Davies would approve of this course of action. We hung out in the backyard, doing nothing much of all, until he got up to take a leak, then wanted back inside. I'll soon be Brooklyn-bound for a Secret Science Club event, but it was nice for this big, bald dog to laze about with a shaggy little dog for a while.

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