Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Kids Are Alright... Or They Will Be When They Get Their Shots

Among the very worst people on the planet are the anti-vaccine crowd... they cite studies by discredited, even disgraced, individuals linking autism to vaccines and they place those around them at risk by degrading community immunity. There have been recent measles outbreaks in New York, Minnesota, and Washington. While measles is often portrayed as 'no big deal', it is a potential fatal disease that can cause long-term neurological damage. Tragically, the anti-vaccination movement seems to be one of the few things that unites raging righties and loopy lefties in this country.

The Kiwi Geniuses at Riddled cover a lot of 'alternative medicine' scams, and the anti-vaccine crowd is full of outright crooks as well as kooks... to make things worse, anti-vaccine propaganda has been pushed by Russian troll farms. Who needs to spend millions developing biological weapons when assholes will do your dirty work for free?

Thankfully, there is a movement of teenagers who have conducted research on vaccines and are rebelling against their parents by seeking inoculations. I guess that getting kicked out of the house by your asshole parents is better than going blind because of complications of an easily-preventable disease.

The post title is taken from one of my favorite songs by The Who:

Let's hope that this youthful rebellion grows, our country can't afford any more anti-science whackaloonery.


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