Saturday, February 2, 2019

I'll Do It My Way

We share our dojo with yoga students and gymnasts- it's a beautiful room with a tatami floor, perfect for all sorts of floor exercises. This morning, our gymnastics instructor was running late for one of her classes, so sensei took it upon himself to begin running the class: "We're going to do gymnastics, in the judo way!"

There's a bit of overlap, we do a lot of tumbling in order to practice how to fall safely. Sensei ran the class for a few minutes while the rest of us taught our judo classes, then the gymnastics coach arrived. She thought that sensei's line was hilarious. We form a mutual admiration society, her sons took judo classes with us, and even more significantly, she herself was mentored in her youth by the legendary Rusty Kanokogi, whose name is synonymous with both New York City judo and women's judo in the United States. She's exactly the sort of coach who can appreciate running a gymnastics class in the judo way.

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Ali Redford said...

That is a cool story. Thank you!