Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Party Unity, No Unity Across the Aisle

The pre-speech coverage of tonight's State of the Union address is supposed to be 'unity', which is convincing exactly no-one. In fact, Trump was bashing Chuck Schumer on Twitter this morning... so much for unity.

Tonight is bar trivia night for me, so I won't be watching the address live. Why bother wasting time being lied to? I figure I'll have time to catch up on the atrocities tomorrow, no need to give Vulgarmort any help with the ratings. More important than the State of the Union will be Stacey Abrams' rebuttal. The Democratic Party, indeed the current Resistance, is headed up by women and people of color, and Ms Abrams is a powerful symbol of intraparty unity- she ran a stellar campaign thwarted by racially motivated anti-voting measures, and is the perfect mouthpiece to articulate a message refuting Republican white supremacy and ratfuckery.

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