Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My One Takeaway from the Cohen Hearings

I spent much of today with one eye on the Michael Cohen testimony before Congress, typically peeking at Evan Hurst's liveblog of the proceedings between running errands and doing minor household chores, like throwing in a load of laundry.

The one major lesson of these sordid proceedings is that one should never NEVER NEVER vote for any candidate who has a bagman, a fixer, a dirty trickster. Voting for a gangster wannabe can only lead to heartbreak. Hell, the mere proximity of Goodfellas cosplayers is enough to inspire stupid people to 'get their gangster on'. A corollary lesson is that inquisitors shouldn't try to portray an individual as an inveterate liar when that individual's lies have been on behalf of the person they want to protect, who happens to be a bigger liar.

On one bright side note, Peter Sagal, who I am a huge fan of, has been on fire today with some hot takes and a surprisingly poignant comment on Cohen's dulcet N00 Yawk accent.

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