Thursday, January 10, 2019

Who Could Have Predicted Such Corruption?

The acting Defense Secretary is a former Boeing executive, so even a casual observer of the Trump kleptocracy could have predicted that the guy would turn out to be corrupt as hell. I am a cynical man, but I still wouldn't have predicted that such corruption would be manifested so quickly: the Air Force will now accept Boeing KC-46 aerial tanker planes with a flaw in their refueling systems.

Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had rejected the defect-plagued planes, but their purchase was approved by under-secretary for acquisition and sustainment Ellen Lord. Supposedly, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan recused himself from the decision, but I am not convinced that he refrained from pressuring his subordinate to buy the damn things... Trump infamously declined to put his businesses into a blind trust and has ridden roughshod over the Constitution prohibition against emoluments. If the screwhead of state can engage in such chicanery, why wouldn't his subordinates act likewise?


janet said...

Dick Cheney didn't either, did he?

Anonymous said...

Corruption is written into their DNA. SecDef Fellows, Federal Executive Fellowships