Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Creepy Elite ISREAL

One of the axioms of the QAnon conspiracy which is the end-stage of MAGAitis is that there is a shadowy cabal of elite globalists who harvest the bodies of ritually sacrificed young people for adrenochrome, which in the real world is oxidized adrenaline, but in the fever swamps of conspiracy theorists, is the fictionalized version claimed by Hunter S. Thompson to be derived from the adrenal glands of living humans. According to conspiracy theorists, it's the ultimate high combined with a youth serum meant to keep the Illuminati youthful.

In a creepy corollary to the adrenochrome urban legend, a recent startup called Ambrosia will sell you a blood transfusion from a young donor for a mere eight grand a liter... twelve grand for two liters. It's a legal procedure, even though it poses dangers to recipients, by virtue of the fact that blood transfusions in general are legal, therapeutically important procedures. It has been reported that James Bond villain Peter Thiel was interested in obtaining blood transfusions from the young because he thinks that death is merely a problem to be solved.

The whole thing reeks of lurid legend, with images of sanguivorous vampires and evil countesses (here's where I plug the novel The Countess by Rebecca Johns, which portrays Elizabeth Bathory as something scarier than a vampiress, namely a boss from hell). The very idea of the Masters of the Universe consuming the blood of the young is unsettling, though as St Joseph sang 'it's the best years of your life they want to steal'.

When this therapy inevitably fails, maybe these Tech Titans will go for the stronger stuff that the QAnons are yammering about... after all, in true Randian terms isn't Kokkor Hekkus merely a 'disruptor'?

NOTE: I decided to go Vancian because of a recent post at Tor Books.


The New York Crank said...

Don't hold me to this, but if I remember correctly what I read 20 or so years ago, Elizabeth Bathory merely bathed in the blood of her victims to keep her skin looking young and fresh. Thus she was the mother of the cosmetics industry.

As for those Silicon Valley eternal life seekers, I sincerely hope they get their wish. I speak as a 79 year old with a replaced hip, a recent TURP (look it up) and various other surgeries and regimens. I'm hoping that I won't make it much further than 85. Thiel wants to go for, say, 200? Pity him if he succeeds.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

as ernest becker wrote in his books 'escape from evil' and 'denial of death' a lot - maybe most - of the harm groups of people do to each other is in the service of various delusional beliefs about how to avoid dying

with regard to my fellow commenter NYC, i am years (but not decades) behind him - my gall bladder's gone, i am suspecting my second skin cancer operation might be necessary soon, i get help breathing while sleeping from a CPAP machine - but hey, life is good - bop till you drop

as buddha pointed out, if one lives long enough one cannot escape aging, illness, death, separation from the people and things one loves, and reaping the consequences of one's good and evil actions

and as peter rowan* sang, 'the one redeeming word i've found is love'

*his two greatest songwriting hits, often recorded by other artists - 'midnight moonlight' and 'panama red'

Harry Hamid said...

Has QANON ever been wrong? I'm still warning my young relatives about pizza joints. This is serious stuff, but the reptile people don't want you to think that.

Eric said...

When I read the first paragraph of this post, the first thing I thought of was The Killing Machine and hormagaunts. I just finished rereading the entire Demon Princes series a few weeks ago. Vance was always one of my favorite SF authors. It was a little disappointing to meet him, though; from reading his books, I pictured him as one of his dashing hero characters, but he looked more like the dumpy guy who was the janitor at my high school.

Unknown said...

Hope he lives to 200 with the body and health issues of,an 85 year old