Friday, January 4, 2019


Funny, some idiot recently said that important science is no longer being conducted at a moment when a third human-built construct is hurtling out of our solar system while beaming back amazing images of Kuiper Belt objects. I'd say that science is doing alright, even as it weathers attacks from corporate flacks and fundamentalist ideologues.

Here's where I am blegging on behalf of my friends at the Secret Science Club who are running their yearly fundraiser. I write monthly recaps of the Secret Science Club lectures and consider them the most important posts that I write, and the most involved. It usually takes me four or five hours to recap a one hour lecture, due to the need to hunt down links for those readers who want to go more in-depth than my spare recapitulations. The lectures are free, they are accessible to the layperson, they are a good demystification of scientific topics.

If you find these summaries worthwhile, please consider sending some funds to my friends. Five bucks, ten bucks... every little bit counts. The forces of disinformation are well-funded, the forces of enlightenment typically operate on shoestring budgets. I know that money is tight for many of us, especially with the stock market volatility wreaking havoc on retirement funds, but if you've got it, consider sending a sawbuck FOR SCIENCE!!!

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

also worth mentioning is that China landed a remote on the far side of the moon (which, Pink Floyd notwithstanding, is not dark).