Monday, January 7, 2019

Bloody Good Fun

I figured I'd take a break from the news media today, so I spent some time poking around the t00bz for interesting reads and interesting podcasts. I found a gruesomely fun podcast, Hynogoria, which deals with scary stories, scary movies, and an occasional macabre folktale. The podcast host, Jim Moon, also contributes to the SFFAudio Podcast, which covers classic Science Fiction and Fantasy literature, with a website which is a treasure trove of PDF scans of classic pulp 'weird fiction'.

I particularly like the folklore episodes, such as this episode about Lancashire river hag Jenny Greenteeth and other legendary monsters around the world which drown people. It includes audio from a particularly creepy PSA narrated by Donald Pleasance:

Another good episode explores the bizarre folklore surrounding toads. As someone who loves toads, the notion that toads used to be considered familiars of the devil, especially by rural people, is mind-boggling... I mean, didn't these people ever notice that these critters were gobbling down agricultural pests?

If you are a fan of weird tales or scary movies, this is a fun podcast hosted by a genial fellow with a pleasant voice. If you need some background audio for doing chores, you might enjoy Hypnogoria.

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