Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Two Grifts for the Price of One

Rick Perlstein's The Long Con article in The Baffler is required reading for anyone attempting to understand the current state of American conservatism. There are various forms of the grift, and I think I found my favorite iteration of the form, a sort of twofer that combines stolen valor militarism/toxic masculinity and religious-based xenophobia... behold, Tactical Tea:

It's guaranteed to be sourced from countries which aren't dominated by Sharia law, and it's TACTICAL, like an overpriced flashlight or camo-cargo pants. Plus, it's not politically correct, which means I shudder to see what they call black tea, which is tea grown on the Democrat Plantation.

Well, I'm off to Tuesday Night Bar Trivia, and I have to tell you that Rudy's had better have Tactical Beer on tap!

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