Thursday, June 23, 2016

Talk About Failing Upwards

Now here's a revolving door for you... the big political story of the week's beginning was the firing of Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump's troglodyte trumplodyte campaign manager. Now, three days later, the creep was hired by CNN as a political commentator- talk about failing upwards! Reading about Lewandowski's hiring, I immediately thought, "Wow, I guess cable news figures that racist, misogynistic white guys with anger issues are underrepresented."

Last week, I had a door-to-door sales rep from Cablevision ring the doorbell. I had just gotten up and decided to answer the door in case it was UPS delivering something- my upstairs neighbors and I look out for each other when it comes to deliveries (and other things, too, it must be said). I explained to the guy that I was uninterested in paying for cable television. He then asked me if I wanted an account for the internet:

"What about internet services? We can give you high-speed internet for $49.95 per month."
"I have high-speed internet at work."
"What about surfing the net at home?"
"I have a smartphone, there's no need."

Poor guy, he was trying his best to close a deal. I finally told him that I worked nights and that I had just woken up. To avoid appearing rude, I asked him for a business card, then explained that I worked nights and had just woken up before slamming the door. Reading about CNN's hiring of Lewandowski, I have to ask myself, "Why would I pay fifty bucks a month to have sewage piped into my apartment?"


mikey said...

Well, to be fair, I have cable teevee and I haven't watched CNN since one day in early September of 2001. Mainly it's for baseball & football, but I also enjoy the increasingly rare cooking shows, and outdoor/survival/hunting shows and some science documentaries.

I'm not in any way tempted to give it up, but I get all my news from authoritative internet sites...

Tengrain said...

Apple just asked me to take a survey about how I watched video. They didn't even have a category for people like you who surf from the phone only (and just barely had one for me). Cord-cutters are rare in my age group it seems.

It's like it is beyond Corporate America's imagination that we proles would be unhappy with our choices.



Anonymous said...

I mostly read news on my phone these days, only occasionally firing up my desktop. While I have minimal cable television at a very inflated price, I only watch the news so I know which station to hate the most. For instance -- Trump reputedly can't afford television ads? He doesn't need them -- ALL three news stations, CBS being the worst, give him FREE time every bloody night! Why should he pay for what he is given every time he opens his mouth to say something awful.

Sewage indeed. I feel bad, in retrospect, for calling the New Age movement that. Because man, that was benign in comparison.

mikey said...

I'm frankly quite surprised by you guys who use your phone. I hate my phone - it's tiny, hard to use and harder to read. When I'm not in front of the keyboard and big display, I have a Google Nexus 9 tablet that I use everywhere else in the house. It's my primary reading device, and I can control the music with GMusic and a number of bluetooth speaker systems throughout mikeyHQ. It even gives me control of the teevee through the Comcast app when I'm in the kitchen. But other than an occasional tweet, I don't write on it either. I'll wait until I'm in front of the keyboard again...

Unknown said...

I've got to get rid of my cable eventually. I just use the TV for background noise anyway, and pretty soon, the only people who still have cable are going to be old people who aren't 100% confident on how to get what they want from the internet or streaming services.

There's no excuse for me to be putting out so much money on cable.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Laptop all the way.

I do have CNBC on a lot during the day, but a lot of times they're so offensive I mute them.