Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hope Everybody Had a Safe, Happy Pride Day

Here's wishing all of my LGBTQ readers a happy Pride Day. In the wake of the Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre, the main theme of Pride Day coverage on the news was security. The real news is that, at least in New York, politicians have been lining up to march in the parade, when not too long ago, they probably would have been reluctant to show up for such an event.

In the wake of the Pulse massacre, one thing that struck me was the love and support that the families of the victims showed for the fallen. My personal awareness of the struggle for LGBTQ rights occurred in the context of a family kicking their lesbian daughter out of the house when she came out of the closet. Three decades later, it's heartening to see the change in attitudes, even though it comes in the context of a mass-murder and act of terrorism. The majority of the victims were of Puerto Rican descent, and I have to note that Puerto Rican Pride Day in NYC was a couple of weeks ago. With the outpouring of positivity after such a horrible event, I have to commend both the LGBTQ and Puerto Rican communities... you have a lot to be proud of, people. Be strong/Sea fuerte, the country is changing for the better, even though things are far from perfect.

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mikey said...

Indeed. I went to the SF Giants game Saturday night, and I always take public transit into the city. (Not, to be honest, for completely noble reasons - driving in SF terrifies me and I always get lost.) The BART train was full of people going to the Saturday Night Pride events, and their 'colorful' dress, along with much in the way of brightly colored hair and amazing tats was a joy to behold. As was their pure joie de vivre...