Monday, December 20, 2021

Utter Contempt for the Rubes

Joe Manchin is truly the worst.  Sure, he's not as nutty as a Marj Green or Madison Cawthorn, but there's a certain cruel edge to him that those deranged lunatics can't quite match, because Manchin tries to couch his cruelty in terms of concern...

Manchin actually voted against Biden's Build Back Better Bill, and spoke out against child tax credits for the working poor: "They'll just spend it on drugs."  

Damn, he's so concerned about his constituents, he doesn't want to allow them to keep more money because they will spend it on drugs, the methamphetamine which allows them to work odd hours on swing shifts, and the opiods which allow them to work while hurt.  Or maybe they'll spend their money on the epipens that their children with allergies need, which Manchin's daughter set astronomical prices for.

I can't imagine voting for someone who would hold me in such contempt, and I hate the fact that this makes me see Manchin's constituents with more contempt than pity.  How masochistic does one have to be to vote for such a cruel asshole, who has the nerve to state that he is helping those he betrays?  I'm reminded of a vote by the West Virginia House of Delegates to block more stringent water quality regulations because the average West Virginian is fat, so higher doses of toxins are required to poison them (never mind that adipose tissue can store toxins).

It enrages me that these asshole voters, who are loathed by their elected officials, are holding the rest of the country hostage.


Richard said...

They are so used to eating shit, they think it is food.

My apologies to my people over there. We are suffering also.

bluzdude said...

Sure, but then again they all get to participate in owning the Libs!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

It is amazing, they don't mind suffering as long as they think others are suffering more.

BigHank53 said...

Dying of whiteness is the phrase of art, I believe.