Saturday, December 4, 2021

A Sigh of Relief, a Sigh of Disgust

Over a month ago, I posted about the QAnon subsect that descended upon Dallas for the imminent (HA) arrival of JFK père et fils, who would announce that Trump is being reinstated as president with JFK Jr as his vice president.  Well, the group is still out there, and Twitter user 2021 Karma has been doing a yeowoman's job of covering the madness in detail from her Australia base of operations.  Yesterday, she made an ominous revelation about something she'd heard on a group chat:

Generally speaking, it's not good when straight-up cult members announce making big plans for crashing a large gathering. They even announced that they would be wearing matching outfits, like the Heaven's Gate cult members did for their mass suicide. It was a relief to find out that the 'splash' they were planning on turned out to be matching masks to use at the parade, though this should do little to allay one's apprehension. The masks depict JFK, rendered all-but-unrecognizable with the additions of a MAGA hat and cartoon sunglasses:

They hooted and hollered for a while, and their leader railed against 'sheepnesia' (you read that right), but declined to jump the barriers and join in the parade. The fact that this didn't escalate into something more disturbing is a relief, as disgusting as this whole phenomenon is.  Twitter user Hot Tub Twin also has some great coverage of this event, complete with some information about financial hanky-panky and infighting.

The hosts of the QAnon Anonymous podcast posted an outstanding episode this week covering this gathering, with commentary by 2021 Karma and Dallas-based journalist Steven Monacelli.  The highlight of the episode, though, is an interview with a woman whose sister has fallen prey to this cult, and is gallivanting with them around Dallas.  

Today, nothing of note really happened, but I can't escape the feeling that this group is headed for a bad end, even beyond the exploitation that has already occurred.


Richard said...

I think you all are watching too much tv. I took a 10 year break. Last time i used television, Clinton was the president.

Of course, i still see it. It is everywhere.
Maybe television is ok, but the propaganda is too much.

I made peace with television this year. I still don't trust it.
This difficulty started with PBS shows. But now i have subscribed to Netflix.

Television and photography don't do things. They only take pictures of things. I repeat that statement.

I'm ok if you want to take a picture, but it is kinda rude. It is a dichotomy. Here i am, going along all happy like an idiot, and some stanger decides that i should be in their album of exotic experiences. It is rude.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I don't even own a television. I haven't owned a television for twenty years.

John said...

My wife and I have the TV on, but it's usually NOT news and current events; instead, we watch series rated "TV-MA" on Netflix, Prime, BritBox, and Hulu+.

When the Candycorn Skidmark was President, we would watch the National News on one of the national networks, including Aljazeera, but never FOX. I remember saying, when fitting into my butt-dent on the couch, "What did President Asshole do or say today?" My other half responds with, "Settle down; it'll be over before you know it."

No TV now, I have Bo Diddley on the speakers. Rock on.

Anonymous said...

So, for this - they wear masks. If only they would wear them in Walmart.