Monday, September 27, 2021

Predictable but Horrifying

I have been saying for a while that the anti-vaccine/anti-mask/anti-social distancing crowd is going to get violent, and that there would eventually be a mass shooting or bombing at a hospital. That hasn't happened yet, but this item (sure it's just a tweet, but I'll look for confirmation) marks a worrisome escalation if true, and I have no reason to doubt it: This incident occurred in a state which is overburdening its healthcare facilities, a state which is running out of morgue space. The right-wing in this country has devolved into a full-blown death cult, and I really don't think that the push towards mass violence is going to slow down, much less stop.


Anathema Device said...

That's appalling :(

DocAmazing said...

A medical recruiter sent me a message s]asking if I'd like to take a temporary job in a clinic in Idaho. "No, thank you" was the beginning of my reply...

Ten Bears said...

I never thought I'd not miss the mountains ...

Ali Redford said...

I've been concerned about this locally for a while. I guess not having a hospital in town could have a tiny benefit... but we have two doctors's office clinics, and doctors from both still attend city council and county commission meetings trying to convince the council/commission members who are nuts to protect people. I hope there are no copycats, and will leave it at that.

We need more ravens.

Richard said...

They are not going to change. If anything, they will stay with their views. They feel as if they are persecuted victims.

I know these people. They will die for a grudge.

They are going to have to die on their own hill,
And they can do it for their own reasons.

I am having very little sympathy for these Idaho Republicans.

Don't forget, some of these guys suck dick in airport bathrooms. And then try to lie about it.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

We're in a cold civil war.

Richard said...

That's ok if you want to call it cold. It is pretty hot around here and we are going in to a drought.
Every day we have to negotiate and talk with these republicans. The Mormons are taking a wait and see attitude.

I forgot to tell you that they are not Mormons anymore. We are not supposed to say Mormon or even LDS.
Whatever. I'm an atheist, old school.

I am getting tired of these republicans. I don't think they bring good things. Take a look at our Senator.

Senator Mike Lee. One of the greasiest nasty politician you could ever see.

In this culture, it is complicated.