Sunday, September 12, 2021


I spent much of yesterday away from all media, coaching a bunch of kids with colleagues I have known for twenty years, colleagues with whom I attended post-9/11 memorial services for our fallen friends.  I had to work yesterday afternoon, so I caught up with the news, which was dominated by 9/11 retrospectives.  I also made the mistake of checking social media accounts... Roodles was particular disgusting:

Giuliani has hated Joe Biden every since Biden derided him back in 2007: 


"Mr Noun Verb 9/11" passed into the American lexicon, and Rudy has never forgotten it. Rudy then degenerated into self-parody:

This is a character who has done nothing but polticize 9/11 for twenty years. Even worse, Rudy's reputation as 'America's Mayor' is based on lies. Sure, Giuliani was seen on TV, walking the streets of lower Manhattan, looking as if he were commanding the response, but it's because he had nowhere else to go, against the advice of experts, who told him to put NYC's emergency command center in the Brooklyn MetroTech, Giuliani put the command center in World Trade Center 7, near the site of a 1993 truck bomb attack.  He did it as a favor to landlord Larry Silverstein, who had some vacant space.  If Giuliani had been competent, he wouldn't have been wandering the streets, covered in ash and playing to the camera crews.  Additionally, his failure to provide adequate radios to the FDNY resulted in the deaths of hundreds of first responders.  Giuliani's entire reputation was based on bullshit.

I hereby name Giuliani the gaslighter-in-chief of this commemoration.  His heroism was always a sham, based on his ineptitude and misfeasance, and his decades of politicizing the tragedy has always been disgusting.  To see him chastise anyone for making the memorial a political show is truly disgusting.


bowtiejack said...


bowtiejack said...

Ever see
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
with Donald Sutherland ?

Alien pods take over human bodies
as exact copies except they CANNOT

And then I got to thinking,
it's the same with these people.
Nothing is authentic, everything is
just some kind of nasty resentful
performance art.

Rudy Giuliani ?
Marjorie Taylor Greene ?
Lauren Boebert ?
Mo Brooks ?
Madison Cawthorn ?
Paul Gozar ?
Matt Gaetz ?
Louie Gohmert ?
Donald Trump ?
Jared Kushner ?
Stephen Miller ?
Steve King ?
Jim Jordan ?
Ted Cruz ?
Josh Hawley ?
Ron Johnson ?
Rand Paul ?
Mitch McConnell ?

Still Just Alison said...

You have certainly got some mad-arse politicians there, B^4, but then we down here in the Antipodes are fast catching up, and may even surpass you soon. We've even got our very own Pentecostal Prime Minister, about whom the less said the better, although he's not in favour with anyone much outside of Oz, given his predilection for cozying up to coal barons - man actually fondled a lump of it in Parliament one day. Had to have it lacquered, of course, so it didn't stain his lily white hands and expensive suit.

I see you've still got the Biodiversity Revolution blog in your sidebar. Alas, I'm no longer at the University of Adelaide - funding ran out and my contract with it. Hope all's well with you, and the other Sadlynauts.

Buttermilk Sky said...

The planes hit the towers too early for Giuliani to be completely shitfaced. That is the source of his legend. Keith Olbermann describes an event at City Hall: