Thursday, September 9, 2021

Getting the Band Back Together

Last year, the Date the World Ended was March 10, the last night I got together with the team for bar trivia.  It was a weird moment in time- even the fate of following week's NYC St Patrick's Day parade (subsequently canceled) was still up in the air.  Our stalwart MC, with a newborn baby in the house, decided that the best course of action would be to pull the plug, for the safety of his wife and child.  Every other event pretty much shut down soon afterwards, and life took a surreal turn... empty supermarket shelves, deserted highways (the solitude punctuated by periodic drive-bys of cars going excessive speeds), and a weird time dilation effect of endless days and ephemeral months.  The team disbanded, and our weekly 'hangout' took place over Zoom, a poor substitute for sitting down for beer and useless information.

Tonight, we're getting the band back together- bar trivia has resumed, with the old MC back in charge.  The old venue is gone, a victim of the pandemic and an unreasonable landlord.  The new venue is within walking distance, just over the Bronx border from Casa di Bastard.  With a new venue, we hope to unleash a reign of terror on the unsuspecting trivia teams of the northern Bronx.

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