Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Newsom Vs Noisome

I've been preoccupied with parochial concerns for most of this month, so I haven't posted about the farcical California gubernatorial recall election.  I believe that the main purpose of this grotesque farrago is a 'Hail Mary' attempt to flip the Senate by having a Republican in the governor's mansion when Senator Dianne Feinstein dies or becomes incapacitated or retires before her term is up.  Republicans might not be intelligent, but they have a great deal of low cunning.   The fact that this recall is costing $276 million hasn't been trumpeted nearly enough, and the mainstream media will still parrot the lie that the GOP is the Party of Fiscal Responsibility.

The number one Republican contender in this free-for-all, Larry Elder, has already claimed that Newsom's electoral victory was marred by fraud, even though the results have not been announced.  This, like Trump's insistence that Biden's victory was fraudulent, serves to undermine the public's faith in the electoral process and to delegitimize all Democratic victories for ever and ever, world without end, amen.  It's a cynical ploy, but I have an infuriating suspicion that the media will play along, even though California Democrats win state offices by large margins.

As far as Newsom's main opponent, Larry Elder is noisome... he has stated that women are not as informed politically as men, that slave owners should have been paid reparations for losing their slaves, that Black Americans had sounder families under slavery, he doesn't believe that the 'glass ceiling' exists for women, he is against Roe vs Wade, he believes Blacks are more racist than Whites, and denies that systemic racism exists.  He believes that global warming is a hoax.  He is on record stating that the minimum wage should be zero.  He is against mask and vaccine mandates.

His former fiancĂ©e claims that he pulled a gun on her during a domestic dispute.  In Elder, the Republicans have managed to find a candidate even more repulsive than Trump.  I suspect that, even if he loses, his national profile will be raised among the MAGA dead-enders.

It's now California's choice to make, Newsom or Noisome.  I know that the populace will make the right choice.  Hell, even Elder knows that.

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