Friday, June 18, 2021

Writer's Block

Ever suffer from writer's block? Every once in a while, I am afflicted with writer's block, because somebody is blocking my keyboard:

Uhhhhh... I put a nice, soft cushion out for you, Ginger. Is this the Cancel Culture that Cons are always talking about? 

This week, I finally replaced my three year old (this pisses me off) smartphone because it was freezing up, and a large, dark splotch was inexorably 'oozing' across the screen. This Wonkette post by Robyn Pennachia hit home... 

Regular readers may have noticed a paucity of pictures posted to the blog, but with a new phone, and camera, I will get back to more regular photo uploads. With warmer weather and more daylight hours, there will be more subjects to capture, as well.

UPDATE: I didn't notice this at the time I took the picture, but looking at it again, I notice that Ginger's left ear is a bit crooked.  One of the day shift managers noticed that her ear was swelling and took her to the vet, who drained some fluid from it.  He then trimmed Ginger's claws to make it easier, by which I mean safer, for us to hold onto her if we need to squeeze additional fluid from the swelling. She currently looks, and sounds, well as she sits contentedly on that nice cushion I put out, but I will be monitoring her ear for any additional swelling.

So far, no fresh-squeezed cat juice has made its way onto the menu.


Anathema Device said...

WHy would Ginger sit on a cushion when she can sit on a nice warm keyboard with her daddy looking straight at her and giving her lots of attention (mainly of the "get off the keyboard cat" kind, but cats aren't picky)?

I fight this fight several times a day, and all I can say is, once you have a cat, everything you own becomes a cat bed :)

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, we had a cat, Charlie, that would invariably plop himself down on any newspaper or book you happened to be reading.