Friday, June 11, 2021

Science Fiction Week Continues: Supervillain Origin Story

Stupid Science Fiction week continues!  Today's entry is a supervillain origin story, a stupid supervillain origin story!  Via Tengrain, we have some serious anti-vaxx whackaloonery out of Ohio, with one Sherri Tenpenny (fifteen cents short of a quarter) claiming that vaccine recipients are, basically, Magneto now:

This idiocy began on the Tik Tok video platform. This being Summer, we're all a bit sticky, so any practically light object pressed onto one's skin will briefly adhere. Again, in Ohio, some dumbass tries to push this nonsense, with mixed results:

This idiocy makes me pine for those halcyon days when the idiocy was just as real, but wasn't quite as pernicious, when the stakes of anti-science lunacy weren't so high: 


Fucking vaccines, how do they work?


emjayay said...

It's kind of baffling to me that no one ever pointed out that keys aren't steel (other than maybe a few cheap Chinese padlock keys) and so aren't magnetic. Or that none of these fucking morons ever tried an actual magnet from their refrigerator on one. Even stainless steel is often not magnetic.

Before buying a stainless steel door refrigerator try a magnet on it if like me you enjoy cluttering it up with tourist souvenir magnets.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

These people think vaccines contain nanobots, I wouldn't expect them to know that magnets don't attract brass or copper alloys.