Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Fake Date for a Fake Scandal

One of the definitions of the word 'conservative' is 'averse to change', and boy do conservatives hate change, even when it comes to their tactics.  Just like the band Foghat (ON TOUR NOW!!!), forever doomed to play "Slow Ride" to aging audiences, conservatives like to play the hits, which for the past five years has been trumped up email scandals.  Back in 2016, we had the Hillary email nontroversy, and the Podesta email leak, which inspired Pizzagate and its succesor, QAnon.  The current right-wing email frenzy concerns Dr Anthony Fauci, who the right-wingers believe created COVID-19 as a bioweapon, which, paradoxically, is also no more serious than the flu.

The right-wing hatred of Dr Fauci has metastasized until the Good Doctor needed a security detail due to the death threats he has been getting.  Right wing media figures are currently calling for Fauci's execution or life imprisonment, but when challenged to expose the content of the emails, inevitably fall back on saying, "do your own research!"  Yeah, they've got nothing, but that doesn't stop them from baying for blood.

The culmination of right-wing rage against Dr Fauci came when Marjorie Taylor Greene sent a letter to Joe Biden, demanding that he investigate Dr Fauci's role in assisting the Wuhan Institute of Virology's weaponization of COVID-19. For the record, while I certainly believe that the virus might have leaked from the lab, I do not in any way believe it was, or is, a bioweapon. Bioweapons are just too difficult to contain, which is why they are generally eschewed by the advanced militaries of the world. In typical MTG fashion, her letter to President Biden is a farrago of falsehoods and foolishness: She's demanding that the Biden Administration respond by June 31st... a fake date for a fake scandal.

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