Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Time Is a Flat Circle Goddamn Spirograph

Viewers of television crime dramas might think that time is a flat circle, but the truly red-pilled know that time is a spirograph. Via Tengrain, we have the true history of QAnon, which did not start off as an anonymous 4Chan shitpost by a LARPer: Let me get this straight... Q was formed in 1860 to design a Christian Constitutionalist movement in order to protect the secular Constitution of the United States from the Act of 1871 which instituted a new Constitution, by order of Ulysses S Grant, who sold the country to the Vatican and the Rothschilds? And that, dear people, is the QAnon time warp... it's just a jab at the left, and then a lurch to the far, far right.

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