Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Super Sarcastic Sister's Birthday

Today's subject is considerably lighter than that of recent posts- the annual celebration of the birthday of my super sarcastic sister.  On her fell the burden of bestowing disparaging nicknames to people in our family and social circles, nicknames which in certain cases stick to this day.  For instance, she dubbed my older brother 'Sweetums' while chastising my mother for thinking that he was perfect... the name stuck as an unironic moniker because, in reality, he was perfect, and still is.  She and I are 'Irish twins', and for the slightly more than two weeks that we share the same age, we were both impossible to be around.  Other family members were resigned to this annual odium-fest, knowing that would pass as soon as my birthday rolled around.  We've considerably mellowed in our adulthood.

My sister is a rocket scientist, married to a rocket scientist, and her oldest son is currently a rocket scientist working for the Space Force (he went to college under the Air Force ROTC).  Her sarcastic personality has been no barrier to brainy pursuits (is it ever?).  She's not a disembodied intellect, though, give her a bat and she's a terror on the softball field.

Happy birthday, sis!  I mean that non-sarcastically.

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