Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Deer Boy, You're Supposed to Be Wild

Starting last year, we've had some fearless deer take up residence at my principal workplace. This summer, a handsome young stag has been particularly bold, showing absolutely no intention to flee even when approached within ten or so feet:

His favorite spot is beneath a pine tree onsite, a spot where there's a lovely, soft carpet of fallen pine needles.

Yesterday morning, he and I had similar designs on one of the onsite mulberry trees (I have been gorging on mulberries lately, as I do every year).  While I was stuffing myself with the fruit, he was waiting patiently to get some of the leaves (which are edible when picked young).  Basically, it was morning shift change for the mulberry racket.

He's a charming presence on the property, lending a hint of naturaleza to the suburbs not twenty miles north of Times Square.  I just have to find a little buddy or two for him.


bowtiejack said...

This really improved my day.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Thanks. Nature is restorative, and this guy has become a welcome addition to my routine. He's kinda like a coworker now, maybe head of quality control for the grounds department. I don't even mind sharing my mulberries with him.

emjayay said...

I don't understand why mulberries aren't a crop. One tree produces tons of them, and they're pretty good.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Sometimes, I think we domesticated the wrong plants. I'm a HUGE fan of lamb's quarters/goosefoot.

Anathema Device said...

I wondered if your headline was to be about this story :)


What a privilege to have a handsome young visitor like this. I hope he has a long happy life ahead of him.

I love mulberries too

Richard said...

Mulberries. They are the best. We appreciate them. If i had to colonize another territory, i would bring mulberries.
They are scorned, because they are peasant tree.
There are so many varieties.
People say that they are messy because they are too lazy to pick the fruit.
They say, why should i pick mulberries when i have a nice comfy job that pays 10 $ an hour and air conditioning?
Also nobody eats them anymore. It is too much to explain.
I admit, i wouldn't be picking them either. The trees are kind of scratchy. They ripen in May and June when it begins to get hot. There are bees and wasps.
Also, you have to be careful about the people.
Not everyone is going to quit a nice comfy restaurant orlaundry room job to go pick mulberries.
It really is a whole different thing.
I am happy i did it.
I think every town should plant mulberries. Plant several varieties. You will have birds and deer.
It is a useful plant, but be prepared.