Friday, May 21, 2021

That Smug, Self-Satisfied Look

The email from one of the daytime managers struck a familiar chord: someone on the day shift had left a door open and Ginger had gotten out.  In the course of a normal year, when we have a full complement of staff, Ginger has the run of the site throughout the day, and she typically hangs out with her human coworkers, making a great deal about catching mice while she has an audience.  Now that we have a skeleton crew onsite and she was lacking in company, she made a beeline for our parking area when she spied some people picnicking under some trees adjacent to the lot.  The cat knows when people are eating, and I'm sure she was angling for a handout... she's no dummy.

When I work overnights, I like to let her out when I go 'on the scout', checking the facilities.  She's good company, and I like to give her some physical exercise and mental stimulation.  Like random picnickers, I also give her a little treat now and again.  I tend to rotate which building she works in, again to give her some novelty when there aren't that many companions around.

I think she's happy, I mean, look at this smug, self-satisfied look:


She knows who's the real boss, no matter which shift she's working.


Ali Redford said...

That face gives me a great big smile!

John said...

I try to get your essays as a link from MockPaperScissors, but sometimes I forget, and then when I do get back, I have several to read. Your prose is, easy to read, and usually spot-on.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

That face gives me a great big smile!

She really does bring a lot of joy into my life. She's a really nice coworker to have around.

Your prose is, easy to read, and usually spot-on.

Thanks, John, I try.