Saturday, May 8, 2021

From the House Floor, I Stab at Thee

 It's not every week that I can write a second topical post using the 'elegant weapon for a more civilized age' trope, but this is not an ordinary week.  Arizona representative Ruben Gallego (D-7th district), a former Marine, used the elegant weapon of sarcasm on Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Cloudcuckooland), describing a search for an elegant weapon:

We live in a society in which the seemingly ever-present danger of workplace violence has led to discussions about the need to improvise weapons in case the unthinkable occurs, and the unthinkable occurring is largely due to the policies and rhetoric of evil mothers like Taylor Greene. I can picture Representative Gallego shopping for steel nib fountain pens the day after the Insurrection. Post title adapted, of course, from Moby Dick, by which I mean The Wrath of Khan.