Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Antibodies Do a Body Good

 It's been two weeks since my second Pfizer inoculation, two weeks of building antibodies to fight the COVID-19 virus.  Being fortified thus, I indulged in a year-long dream, and went out for a draft beer at the Captain Lawrence Brewery in Elmsford, NY.  I have been going to the brewery since it opened in 2006 in a smaller location in Pleasantville, NY, and love the beer and the people.  The founder knew he wanted to be a brewmaster before he was of legal drinking age, received the blessings of his parents, and made his dream happen in a big way, even going to college in the San Francisco Bay Area so he could intern with the Anchor Steam Brewing company.  He's a good guy, living out his passion, and he makes a fine variety of beers, which he sells by the growler.  As I noted, I've been jonesing a draft beer for a year, and a locally brewed brown ale was the perfect reintroduction.

I was fortunate enough to be able to meet with several friends as well, and now that we are all vaccinated, I even shook hands, once considered a risky proposition.  Of course, masks were still de rigeur while not sitting at our table, but that's a small concession to drinking a real, bonafide draft beer.  If it weren't a work night, I'd probably have consumed four of five, just to remember what drinking beer properly feels like.

The next course of action is to download the New York State Excelsior Pass (named in honor of Stan Lee, I suppose) when I become eligible tomorrow, and then it's time to buy a New York MTA metrocard and end my year long exile from Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Being full of antibodies, this body can now move beyond the boundaries that have been imposed for a year.


Richard said...

I had a fistbump today with my neighbor about being vaccinated.
Nobody wants to talk about what we have been through. If they are "us", we talk about our friend who died in early April of this disease.
That was about a month ago. We plan to wear masks for a while longer, especially at the markets and indoor places.
Bonus question- why do Republicans embrace Sauron?
Surely i am not the only person who wonders this.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Republicans embrace Sauron because they are addicted to power, at any cost.