Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Subverting Trump's Supreme Court Pick

In the wake of Anthony Kennedy's retirement, Trump will be nominating a Supreme Court justice. One of the purported frontrunners is Amy Coney Barrett, an under-fifty, ultra-conservative Roman Catholic woman who is expected to be hostile to the decision in Roe vs Wade. The conventional wisdom is that Coney Barrett would be a disaster for women's access to reproductive healthcare.

If Coney Barrett does get the nomination, there is a way by which the Democrats could subvert the process. Most Republicans are stupid and hate to read, and all Republican members of Congress are stupid and hate to read. I mean, they have Louie fucking Gohmert on the payroll. Because they are stupid and sloppy, it might be possible to trick them into, instead of voting for Coney Barrett, voting for Courtney Barnett:

There are no citizenship requirements to be a Supreme Court justice, so putting an Australian on the court is perfectly Constitutional... and wouldn't you rather have a deadpan-snarker Aussie lesbian singer-songwriter on the court than some moral scold?