Sunday, July 22, 2018

Money Well Spent

On the way from work this morning, I stopped by the local H Mart, a Korean-American supermarket with great prices, good quality, and a head-spinning variety of products. After picking up some vegetables and a package of delicious chicken hearts, I headed down the Housewares aisle and made a big score, a portable charcoal grill with folding legs for only eight bucks:

Huh, I never noticed that the decorative ferrule on the chair in the lower right corner looked like a peener until now... At any rate, this grill is smaller than my laptop and probably weighs under two pounds. I guess it was on sale because summer vacation time is waning. At any rate, grilling season is year-round. My landlady provided us a propane grill, but it's not the same as a GEN-YOO-INE CHARCOAL GREE-YUL... you might as well just put a stove in the backyard.

Even better, at the local Stop and Shop yesterday, I scored a package of T-bone steaks, each one perfect for this grill, for under $4/lb. I think Reagan would approve of this purchase because REASONS.


mikey said...

I have always had a weird fixation with small, lightweight cookstoves. I was an early adopter of the Solo stove - I love the fact you don't need to take any fuel along with it - and I almost never go anywhere without my Trangia Spirit stove. It weighs a couple ounces and will boil a pot of water in a few minutes. Your little grill looks like a totally cool thing to have...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

That Trangia stove sounds amazing. One of my old roommates hiked the Appalachian trail one summer and he made an alcohol burner out of the bottom of a soda can.

My brother-in-law's coworkers got him a Waccaco backpack espresso maker- you pump it by hand and it makes a really nice cup of espresso, complete with 'crema'.