Saturday, July 14, 2018

Bloated Blowhard's Blighty Blunders

Ugh, what an embarrassment... Vulgarmort landed in the UK, greeted by hundreds of thousands of protestors, and proceeded to lie to and about the media, and managed to look like a dumbass, spawning some very funny, often obscene, responses. My favorite comment was a reaction to the US Embassy warning Americans abroad to keep a low profile:

Nah we love Americans it's just the haunted fluorescent ham mannequin and his keyboard MAGA arseflutes that need to shit off into a heap.

Now, THAT is how you cuss somebody out... this guy has been on a roll!

Being the sort who can't keep his mind on work, Vulgarmort scarpered off the Scotland, where he has long been unpopular. If anything, the protest signs were even more hilarious than the English ones. Yeah, the prevailing attitude in the UK is that Trump is a numpty, indeed a bawbag.

First NATO, now the US/UK alliance... what is the next relationship he's going to fuck up?


Li'l Innocent said...

Quick! Hand me my Scots Rude Expressions and Vituperative Terminology Dictionary!

Lovely illustration of the little-known (by Americans) fact that Scots is a true dialect of the English language, not just an accent. Travel north by train in the UK and get your Yankee butt off at Glasgow, and see how you do.

I'm afraid to look up "bawbag".

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