Monday, July 2, 2018

If'n You Hear 'Splosions, Git Yer Shootin' Arn!!!

Ya know, shit like this is going to get someone killed- Alex Jones is telling his troglodyte audience that Democrats are planning to launch a civil war on July 4. Seriously, this is Radio Rwanda level stochastic terrorism. July 4th is a public holiday, a holiday on which people gather in large crowds to watch fireworks, listen to music, or engage in other activities.

It's past time to ban this asshole from his online platforms- he is fostering a culture of paranoia which has all-too-often resulted in real-world violence.


mikey said...

Jones has been around for years, and the tradition runs at least back to the mimeographed newsletters of the John Birch Society. I would think if any of his wacky listeners were inclined to violent terrorism, we'd have already heard from them. The deep-in-the-rabbit-hole conspiracy theorists, frankly, don't worry me that much, because they put themselves of being on the defensive, trying to hide from the black helicopters and chemtrails. Attacking groups of people would neither address their 'concerns' nor in any way 'protect' them from their conspiracy of choice.

The nexus of fundamentalist christianity, the 'sovereign citizen' movement and far-right militias is where the real danger is. I have no idea how much they represent an audience for Jones - some probably like his schtick - but from McVeigh to Ruby Ridge to Waco, those are the guys who worry me. And their guiding light, their approving leader if you will, is Trump. Encouraging violent racism and a weird hatred of 'libtards', he's the one who is ultimately going to be responsible when they kill a bunch of people.

Note: And don't forget that due to our endless wars, we have trained about three million young men in the use of weapons and explosives and they are out there right now hating someone or something, including you and I.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, it’s the thousands of ‘lone wolves’ who are susceptible to Jones’ rants that are worrisome.