Monday, July 16, 2018

The Summit Was a Nadir

Today, I spent a good deal of the day listening to the United States President act as if he were a Russian mole who had infiltrated the highest office in the land In a meeting which has popularly come to be known as the Treason Summit, Donald J. Trump met with his boss for a performance review. Before the summit, by which I mean nadir, began, Trump was blaming the United States for bad US/Russia relations. When he met with Putin, it was behind closed doors, with the accompaniment solely of translators... not a good sign at all. I sure as hell hope the Finns found a way to bug the meeting, perhaps with a 'wire tapp' of some sort.

Things got even more surreal when Trump and Putin conducted a joint press conference which freaked a lot of people out. Particularly bizarre was Trump's plan to let Putin guard the henhouse:

"I addressed directly with President Putin the issue of Russian interference in our elections. I felt this was a message best delivered in person. Spent a great deal of time talking about it. And President Putin may very well want to address it, and very strongly, because he feels very strongly about it, and he has an interesting idea."

He trusts Putin over the members of his own country's security/intelligence apparatus:

"So I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today."

Okay, Vlad says he's innocent, so he must be innocent!

The whole summit nadir has been such a shitshow that even Republican congresscreeps are freaking out about it, though none of them seem inclined to do anything about it, such as impeaching the motherfucker. Trump will return to DC, or one of his golf resorts, and he'll still be a Russian asset. It wasn't that long ago that American neocons were trumpeting a unipolar moment in which the United States was the world's sole hyperpower- now through the actions of one fool, it now seems to be a client state of a country with a GDP smaller than that of Canada. I can't wait until Putin rolls out our new cybersecurity strategy!

As a kid, the classic WLIR used to play this song, which even during the tail end of the Cold War seemed a bit of a novelty song:

Somehow, it doesn't seem all that funny anymore.


Harry Hamid said...

Listened to the song mostly because it was produced by John Cale. Think his voice might be one of the ones in the song's middle section (the one with the Welsh accent, naturally). I like it.

I try and wait two days to comment on Acts of Trump. It takes that long for everything to seem somewhat less surreal. Today might take 3.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, we are totally down the rabbit hole, HH.

mikey said...

At this point I think most of what we're witnessing is 'good'. We're watching the worst leader our nation has ever had in full crash & burn mode. He keeps ratcheting up the insanity, because he's freaking out that the law is closing in, because like any drug you need continuously larger doses for the same rush, and because his worldview is one long, endless tantrum.

So with the horrific, indescribably cruel family separation 'policy' followed by a disastrous trip overseas culminating in abject surrender to a murderous dictator, his political 'support' is getting more fragile and increasingly brittle as he goes farther and farther off the rails.

My hatred for this human trash is immeasurable, so watching him collapse in utter humiliation and flop-sweat panic makes me very happy...

Al said...

I think that our current POTUS is an ass-hat. I would never vote for him. But I don’t want to see him impeached or forced out any other way except by a defeat in an election. I also think that Russiagate is a distraction to the failure of the Democrats and HRC. Also the US long history of interference in elections around the planet makes all this whining a mute point. This President must be defeated and we the people have the mechanisms to do it.