Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mom's Birthday

As soon as I got to work tonight, I called mom to wish her a happy birthday. Mom is going strong, as always, and we had a great discussion of current events- before I called her, she had a similar conversation with my brother Vincenzo, who wished to retire from the Army earlier this year, but was 'stop-lossed' for a year. Needless to say, neither he nor my mom is happy about the current situation regarding our alliances with South Korea and NATO. It's kinda weird when even a routine 'happy birthday' call becomes a discussion of the current National Nightmare.

Mom made sure that all of her kids inherited her insatiable curiosity and devotion to education. I can't even begin to describe how indebted to her I feel... she instilled in us her values, the values which have allowed us all to thrive. She continues to be an inspiration and a source of strength.

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