Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Ita Trifecta

Ugh, in a horrible display of false piety, Mammon worshiper Donald J. Trump attended a National Prayer Day event, and you can just feel that aura of beatification radiating from his ogreish visage:

I'm reminded of the sermons of a simple parish priest of Sicilian heritage, a decent man who delivered synopses of the lives of the saints in a pronounced Brooklyn accent on the Sunday of the week of a saint's feast day. One particularly memorable bit from one of Father T's sermons concerned St Ita, otherwise known as Íte of Killeedy. According to tradition, when asked by St Brendan the Navigator what three things God most abhorred, she answered: "A scowling face, obstinacy in wrongdoing, and too great a confidence in the power of money." Three out of three for the Trumpster... three out of three...

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Anonymous said...

Trump looks like he's very angry at having to pretend that there's a being more supreme than Trump himself.