Friday, May 18, 2018

Not a Member of the Bar Association

One of the fundamental laws of nature is that there is no asshole quite like a New York asshole... witness the current PotUS, or our asshole de la semana- this guy, who has a history of bizarre confrontations with people. At any rate, in one of those rare cases in which 'karma', as conceived of in the popular culture, has caught up with the guy in a big way- he has been kicked out of his office space and his apartment building has been 'besieged' by a block party... a fiesta de la cuadra, if you will. The guy is pretty much universally despised, he's like a cut-rate, more offensive Scaramucci- one who won't ever benefit from a television show pitch.

To me, the funniest development in the whole kerfuffle is the revelation that, contrary to the biography on his website, he does not appear to be a member of the New York State Bar Association. I suspect that it was an honest typo- he's got to be a member of the brah association.

As for why I am even commenting about this asshole, I am a New Yorker, and he does not espouse our famous values of tolerance and multiculturalism. There's no asshole quite like a New York asshole, but we New Yorkers have scant tolerance for the type.

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