Friday, May 4, 2018

Skynet, Woven from Chemtrails

It's not very often that a berserker decries berserkers, but Alex Jones is convinced that Donald Trump is waging a war on a rogue Artificial Intelligence that is seeking to usher in a 'post human world':

It's an odd performance, as Jones and his collaborator claim that the Las Vegas massacre has been forgotten, and they claim that Elon Musk is a target of the 'elite', never mind that the guy is a multi-billionaire. Yeah, it's an artificial intelligence attempting to prevent humans from getting our asses to Mars. The guy who rants about chemtrails is now ranting about Skynet. This is what happens when you watch The Terminator after licking Sonoran desert toads, which have all been turned gay.

I do like the idea that Donald Trump is humanity's first line of defense against a coldly logical killer AI. As any true Science Fiction fan knows, the best way to destroy a logical AI is to employ nonsense:

And nonsense is exactly what Donald Trump purveys.


M. Bouffant said...

I am (needless to say) confused. Isn't Trump about to bring down the International Satanic Elites' Pedophile Ring? Incredible as he is, can he do that and fight the International Artificial Intelligence Ring's Killer Robots?

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Hey, now, old chum, he IS the 'God Emperor'.

Bruce.desertrat said...

Silly! The International Satanic Elites' Pedophile Ring created the International Artificial Intelligence Ring's Killer Robot!

It's all one man!!!! [licks toad again...sluuurp]

Also I think my next death metal/klezmer band's name is going to be International Elite Killer Robot Pedophiles.