Saturday, February 24, 2018

Pyeongchang Princesses?

The 'feel good' story of yesterday concerned Ivanka Trump's arrival in South Korea for the close of the Winter Olympics. Already, her visit is being compared to that of Kim Yo Jong, who has been characterized as the Ivanka Trump of North Korea. Personally, I don't think that Kim Yo Jong is the Ivanka Trump of North Korea at all- Kim Yo Jong is a propaganda asset, employed by a tyrannical dynasty to put a more human face on its corruption, warmongering, and appalling human rights record- all the while furthering the family's business interests.

Kim Yo Jong isn't the Ivanka Trump of North Korea, Ivanka Trump is the Kim Yo Jong of the United States.


Karl Kolchak said...

One could argue that Obama's family provided a somewhat similar function, as in: "See, how could a man who is so obviously a good family man drone 6,000 civilians to death, bomb Libya and destroy it as a nation-state, massively increase senseless death and destruction in Afghanistan, wreck millions of American jobs with endless "free" trade agreements, not close our offshore Gulag in Cuba, illegally spy on every American citizen, suspend Habeus Corpus, give trillions in bail outs to Wall Street and not jail the banksters who crashed the economy, stand by as Occupy Wall Street is violently obliterated, do nothing about out-of-control police violence against black teenagers..."

That's enough, I'm getting tired.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

ivanka has a nice smile and the daily mail has a nearly-daily feature of photos of her going to work - with links to where to buy her clothes (or somewhat similar and less expensive substitutes)

i remember reading that, before their parents ran against each other, invanka and chelsea clinton were friends - whatever that might have meant to them at the time - presumably they went to some of the same events, maybe even talked on the phone or went to lunch together sometime

i also recall that bill and hillary clinton attended donald and melania's trump's wedding - and bill presided (so to speak) at the wedding of hillary's aide human abedin to her husband, the rising political star(or so it seemed at the time)

as the man using the stage name 'wavy gravy' once was quoted in the washington post as having said, 'as i told my mirror this morning - it's all done with people'