Saturday, February 3, 2018

Nothing New from Nudnik Nunes

The first clue that Devin Nunes' memo would be a ridiculous waste of time was its scanty page count. If you are going to shock and astound in only four pages, you had better be (PDF)Fredric Brown. Morons were expecting something more substantial:

There was a reason why this was 'nowhere in the press'.

Nunes' (PDF) four page memo, roundly ridiculed on websites and by Democratic Congresspersons.

The target of the FISA warrant, Carter Page, attracted the notice of the authorities as early as 2013. The opposition research referenced in the memo was initiated by the conservative Washington Free Beacon, though it was picked up by the law firm Perkins Coie on behalf of the DNC. To me, the memo, bizarrely, serves to elevate the profile of Carter Page at exactly the time when the Trump Administration should be shoving him down the Memory Hole. The release of the memo also serves to antagonize the FBI, which has historically supported right-of-center political causes. As one internet commentor noted, the FBI may be the organization which prevents the truck bomb from going off, but they are also the organization which participates in witch hunts, particularly right-wing ones. This newfangled antagonism between GOP and FBI was an unforced error on Nunes' part... this is the kind of shit which happens when you put an idiot in charge of the Select Committee on Intelligence.

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mikey said...

Wait, what?

There was a memo?

Wow. Good catch. I mean, nobody was talking about that, right?

Thanks for bringing it to my attention....