Monday, February 5, 2018

Dotard's Dow Down, or The Trump Slump

It's been rather annoying to hear Donald Trump taking credit for a stock market that has been rising since the Bad Old Days of the 2008 crash, so it's with a rueful sense of irony that I note the karmic retribution that is the current stock market dip on the very day that Little Gloves is in Ohio touting the economy. I actually hold a lot more stock than is typical for someone at my pay grade, and am frugal enough to be able to sock away the maximum I am eligible to put into my 401(k). I'm not happy about this seeming free-fall in the stock market, but I was long convinced that it was a bubble to begin with. At least this should shut up that asshole in the Oval Office for a while. In the meantime, I think I will invest some money in booze stocks- they are bound to be profitable the way people are being driven to drink.

Also, if Democratic strategists don't start hammering home the 'Trump Slump' meme, they aren't worth their consulting fees.

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mikey said...

Meh. I hope we don't get that stupid.

The President has NO effect on the stock market short of starting a war (trade or shooting). It's stupid to give them credit when equities are rising, and it's just as stupid to try to 'pin the blame' on them when equities are falling. The money is just coming out of equities and into securities.

The Republicans are the party of stupid. I don't want the Democrats to feel like they should weaponize stupid in response.

When fighting monsters, the most important thing is that one should take care not to become a monster in the process...