Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I've had robots on my mind all week, and not even sexy robots. On Monday, I attended a lecture about robots, on Tuesday I wrote a post about the lecture about robots, and on Wednesday I woke to the news that Twitter purged a whole lot of bots, causing a meltdown among the Deplorable set. Even Vulgarmort himself seems to have lost beaucoup followers in the botpocalypse (but not the kind of robot apocalypse you're thinking of), merely a housecleaning.

The meltdown really shows a great deal of immaturity on the part of the emo-boy Nazi crowd. My beloved Joan Jett had the best advice concerning fake friends:

Well, nothing to lose but the sense that yours is a mass movement, but Boston was all the proof needed for that.

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mikey said...

Yeah. Too much of the discussion is dark and apocalyptic. Machine intelligence and autonomous machines are the most exciting, fascinating area of research right now. A natural outgrowth of a mature computing infrastructure, sitting at the nexus of fast, cheap processors, huge distributed databases, multi-spectral sensors, hardware virtualization and incredibly brilliant algorithms that learn by doing, we're seeing an accelerating pace of innovation in every field driven by machines that seem intelligent because they know how to do a set of specific tasks perfectly, quickly and repeatably.

It always makes me smile when people talk about 'True AI'. People will never create true AI.

Machines will...