Sunday, February 25, 2018

As Tengrain Would Put It, a Palate Cleanser

It's been a pretty heavy news cycle for the last... uh... two years or so. I figure that it's time for, as Tengrain would put it, a palate cleanser. It's a grey, rainy day here in the NYC metro area, so I figured I'd post something fun, with a bit of a faux-tropical vibe. I make no bones about being a big Kraftwerk fan, so I was tickled pink by a comment at Roy's place which embedded a cumbia take on Trans Europe Express by German composer/arranger Uwe Schmidt recording as Señor Coconut:

There is a whole album's worth of Kraftwerk covers by Señor Coconut, and Homecomputer seems particularly well suited to afro-latino percussion:

It also has a nice Juan García Esquivel-esque space age bachelor pad vibe to it (which I am not the first to notice)... now I am pining for a Krafwerk/Esquivel collaboration that never was, further proof that we are living in the wrong timeline. Oh, dear, looks like I muffed the palate cleanser.