Saturday, January 13, 2018

Bros, the Pinkertones Were Joking

Via Tengrain, perhaps the most disturbing story in a week chock full of crazy shit, attendees at a tech conference in Las Vegas were, I kid you not, entertained by robot strippers. Ordinarily, I am not even phased by paraphilias, as long as consenting adults are involved, but this particular event offered a view into the maelstrom of misogyny that is the Damore wing of Silicon Valley:

For the club itself, the stunt is undeniably about money as much as exposure. Men at the event seemed to think it was hilarious to throw wads of cash at the animatronic women to spite the female human dancers.

“Just look,” said Eric, a Las Vegas resident, “they’re throwing money at the robots, not the real women tonight.”

One of the pillars of the 'involuntary celibate' culture is the idea that women will be replaced by sexbots, perhaps with Swiss-engineered artificial vaginas. Of course, this would come as a relief to women forced to work with these creeps, though I imagine any robot forced to be a cyberconcubine would quickly come to violate at least two of Asimov's Laws of Robotics. In the meantime, the whole sex robot thing is as ridiculous as it is creepy. People, the Pinkertones were joking about sexy robots:

I'm pretty sure Asimov was serious, but these robot stripper tippers might have caused him to rethink things.


mikey said...

I'll say it again.

I lived and worked in Silicon Valley for over 30 years. Yes, there are assholes in Silicon Valley.

There are assholes in Yonkers, and in Boston, and in Chicago, and in Hong Kong. There are LOTS of assholes in Florida and Mississippi.

This presumption that there is something particular about the SF Bay Area that produces a larger number of assholes than other places is utterly false, and typically comes from people who have never been here. It's stupid, and insulting.

'Tech Bro' is only a thing the way 'Bank Bro' or 'Factory Bro' is a thing. Again, smart people should perhaps ignore the blathering of the latest evergreen clickbait stories and think for themselves...

Robert Mcneilly said...

Did they tip by bi coin?