Monday, January 22, 2018


I take a dim view of anyone who says that they are going to run government like a business, especially if they have a string of business failures behind them. The latest indicator of how badly Trump's businesses are run is the revelation that the kitchens of gilded shithole Mierda-Lago were dinged with over a dozen violations. Ay, che schifo! It's amusing to think the Trump's well-heeled supporters were shelling out one hundred grand For the privilege of getting dysentery.

Nothing about Trump withstands scrutiny, from his hideous hairstyle to his mealy steaks, to his serial bankruptcies, to his presidential ineptitude. There's a glittering foyer, but the kitchen is a festering E. coli culture. The real tragedy is that he's turning the whole country into a shithole.


Vixen Strangely said...

I'm going to be exceptionally catty for a moment: at the to-do that the shutdown prevented the Sr Trump for visiting, some of the guests were appalled to find that the caviar spoons were plastic instead of mother of pearl (metal of course reacts with the caviar and affects the flavor, which is why, silver spoon set or not, the usual plate is verboten). And yet, I don't actually think the Mar-A-Lago crowd would have balked at metal spoons, because they come from the same palette as Trump. Photos of the Merolagians (not unlike the Innsmouth jetstreamsetters) display an uncanny difference from regular folx: bleached extensions, faux tans, and clothes that confirm that money doesn't buy taste--they are a type. Appearances matter--they don't have to be good appearances. This is a man who gold-plated the toilets of a commuter airline and tried to sell vodka to Russians. He pimped property-flipping right before the fall of the RE bubble and invited people to buy lessons on credit. I am becoming convinced that the people he attracts are not people who know better or who even can. His properties must have the best-bred rats. The richest molds. The choicest bacterial blends. Every speck of rust a patina. And the cleverest roaches. High IQ's all the way.

The New York Crank said...

My favorite part of the inspection report: " served raw or undercooked had not "undergone proper parasite destruction"

Trump eats there all the time. Do you suppose parasitic worms are eating his brain? That could explain a lot.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank