Friday, August 18, 2017

Trump der Zorn Gottes

Once again, things got weird in the Trump White House, this time with the firing of Steve Bannon, the raging id to Donald Trump's... uhhh... raging id. ID ID ID ID ID! My suspicion is that Bannon's interview with Robert Kuttner of The American Prospect was the final nail in the coffin- Donald Trump doesn't like being upstaged by 'the help'.

Now, with Breitbart declaring #WAR on Donald Trump, things are really getting interesting, though Breitbart declares #WAR on Cheerios and retail outfits. It remains to be seen if Breitbart's possible insurgency against Dear Leader will hurt him, especially given that Breitbart's traffic and advertising revenue have tanked. This is a battle between two unpopular entities, sorta like a conflict between a tapeworm and a leech- nobody really wants to see a victor.

Meanwhile, the normal people have abondoned ship- the Manufacturing Council and Arts Council both disbanded. How soon before everybody but the dead-enders and family members bail out, leaving Trump adrift? I am reminded of the ending of one of my favorite films, Werner Herzog's beautiful-but-harrowing Aguirre, the Wrath of God, with Trump in the Klaus Kinski role. Trump even embodies the same creepy incestuous vibe.

NOTE: Youtube won't let me embed a video of the final scene, but if you haven't watched the movie, do so now. The scenery is gorgeous, the acting superb, and the theme of power-madness is, tragically, timeless. You will thank me. Then go out and get Fitzcarraldo AND Burden of Dreams.


Smut Clyde said...

like a conflict between a tapeworm and a leech- nobody really wants to see a victor.

Best Kaiju movie EVAH!

Harry Hamid said...

"Aguirre" is among of my all-time faves, coming across like some mutant cross between Kubrick and Gilliam yet somehow better than either. The scene with the monkeys is completely on point.

As a matter of fact, it sort of makes me wonder when the President will graduate to wearing military uniforms like so many of his hubris-filled brethren around the world.

I know he couldn't fit into Kinski's armor, but still.

mikey said...

I'm pretty sure he was toast before the 'interview' with TAP. What we're seeing is a snapshot of the seesaw battle between the nationalists and the globalists in Trump's white house, with the globalists as represented by Javanka, the The Generals and traditional movement conservative Republicans currently ascendant.

There will come a time in the not-so-distant future when Trump tires of their resistance to his 'leadership' (as represented by trade wars, troop withdrawals and antipathy toward the liberal democracies of Europe), and once again re-staffs the White House with more Bannon/Gorka types...